Focused on telling and making innovative original stories never seen before.

Values —

Today the picture tells more than words, combines inside the power of emotions, the aesthetics and the narrative. We believe in this media, today as in our next future.

Latest Significative Works —

2017 — 2K Digital
LAURU, horror short film
Producer & Director

2016 — 2K Digital
OMAR, CIR TV Commercial
Producer & Director

2015 — 2K Digital
Co-Producer & Director

2014 — 2K Digital
TRUE LOVE, drama short film
Marketing Coordinator

2013 — HD Digital
LA MATRICOLA, comedy feature film
Co-Producer & Cinematographer


2012 — HD Digital
AT 7 O'CLOCK, drama short film

2012 — HD Digital
FRAGMENTS, thriller short movie
Producer, director, cinematographer

Experience —

We specialise in story telling, using a wide range of techniques from traditional 16/35mm film to 2D and 3D digital and CGI, and also produce live-action drama and entertainment. ILLUSIA Film productions have been shown in the Italy.

Over twenty years of experience, are told through our major audio-video productions. From Short Movie to TV Commercials, Feature Film, Music Video and Documentary. It's a love and deep understanding of cross platform projects that makes us an ideal production partner. From the basics of film, animation and video production done effortlessly well – storyboarding, scripting, scheduling, location sourcing, top kit, capable crew, creative directors… …to the complex delivery of a compelling creative idea through the best channel – code, design, plugins, widgets, augmented and virtual reality, biosensors, projection mapping.

We relish new ideas, love effective applications of technology, and live for good design. We’re quick, capable, creative problem solvers who never, ever, ever miss a deadline. Our partners say this recognition comes with hard work, dedication, and pride in every project we deliver. We’re a full service production company who understands how to support and deliver award-winning work for global accounts. If you’re an in-house team, we’re your energetic creative partner from design to build to content delivery.

We believe in discovering quality, living efficiently, and leading a simple, more mindful life.

Skills —

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Documentary
  • Music Video
  • TV Commercial
  • Post production and Editing
  • GCI and Compositing
  • Executive Production

About —

We are proud to be the few who can be operate with latest Movie Digital and 3D/Stereoscopic techniques available. Over twenty years of experience, are told through our major audio-video productions. We, however, are constantly focusing on and investing in product quality, whether it is "visual" or "telling", through experimentation and innovation. We are constantly updating the techniques, technologies and stylistic world trends. All this represents the right value of our team of excellence. We are able to work with the most recent technology, mainly with high-end instrumentation and video-graphic software. Our highly energetic team, made up from the top of the profession, will always be at your side, to ensure that every single pixel of your audiovisual product will be just plain perfect.

General Inquiries —

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Get in Touch —

We are located in south of Italy
address: via Venezia, 62B 74121 Taranto TA - ITALY IT
mobile phone is: +39.348.412.765.7
Skype: m.cerbera